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Jinan Jinglei Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. has registered capital of RMB 72,000,000, and is a standard enterprise specialized in the research, development, production and sales of granite precision measuring tool and mechanical component.

Quality System

Quality System

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Our advange exsits in the following aspects:

The workshop and equipment are arranged in order according to the processing flow, avoiding the ineffective turnover to the furthest extent; and the guide rail and horizontal transport vehicle are paved and provided between the workshops respectively. It can improve the turnover efficiency, avoiding the ineffective waiting, and then, improving the production efficiency.

All walls around the constant temperature room are subjected to the high-grade insulation design, and the structure from the external wall to the internal wall is: cement external wall→ insulating brick→ hollow brick→ insulating brick→ cement internal wall→ color plate; and the structure of top of the constant temperature room from inside to outside is: color plate→ rock wool board→ glass wool blanket (double-layer) → air thermal insulating layer → color plate→ glass wool blanket→ color plate, thus cutting off the indoor and outdoor cold and hot exchange to the furthest extent, and guaranteeing the uniform and controllable temperature in the constant temperature room. The constant temperature room is divided into two, and all air conditioning systems are the most environment-friendly and energy-saving nowadays; the ground source heat pump, central air conditioner and salt solution dehumidifying technology are provided; each constant temperature room can be separately controlled, the temperature control accuracy is: 20±1℃ and 23±1℃ respectively, and the humidity control accuracy is: the relative humidity is 30-50%. The shakeproof ditches are dug around the constant temperature room, so as to avoid the surrounding shake from guiding into the room, and improve the manufacturing and inspection accuracy.

The suppliers of CNC gantry boring and milling machine and surface grinding machine purchased by the Company are the domestic leading manufacturers, thus, guaranteeing the accuracy of machine tool and processed products; and meanwhile, the detection equipment is produced by the first-line manufacturers in the industry.

We will launch "MES production management system" at the end of 2017, which will greatly improve the speed of information transfer, strengthen the transparency of workshop management, and provide the real-time online data for the managers, thus, serving the customers better.

More than 90% workers of the Company have work experience in this industry for more than 5 years, and 30% workers have experience in this industry for more than 10 years. The Company has a high-quality management team, which is good at studying and accepting the new things, has wide horizon, dares to struggle and is willing to grow together with the Company and customers!