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Jinan Jinglei Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. has registered capital of RMB 72,000,000, and is a standard enterprise specialized in the research, development, production and sales of granite precision measuring tool and mechanical component.


Warmly celebrate the complete success of the European Machine Tool Fair (EMO)

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The European Machine Tool Fair (EMO) was founded in 1975. It is a professional exhibition for the machine tool manufacturing industry supported by the European Machine Tool Industry Cooperation Council (CECIMO). It is held every two years. In recent years, it has been held alternately in Hanover, Germany and Milan, Italy. The exhibition can be regarded as one of the most authoritative and professional events in the world's machine tool and manufacturing technology industry, fully demonstrating the scientific research and innovation in today's manufacturing equipment and technology fields in the world, and has a pivotal leading position in the international metal processing field.

Jinan Jinglei participated in this exhibition, exhibited the company's excellent products, exchanged learning with outstanding industry players from all over the world, and received wide acclaim.

Warmly celebrate the complete success of the European Machine Tool Fair (EMO)

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